Amateur Takes Control returns with their second EP, aptly named ATC EP2 released through KittyWu Records. Recorded between April and June 2017, the EP features four new tracks, written with two new members: guitarist Field Teo and drummer Martin Kong. In uenced by all current members’ experiences in heavy bands, this iteration of Amateur Takes Control is noisier, darker, more aggressive.

Forceful, urgent and full of stunning twists - Ghost Hunter dexterously welcomes the listener into the band’s more mature status quo.

Opening like a dimly-lit drive through a dusty and forgotten dirt road, Mexican Cartel Brides begins ominously yet purposely. The journey inspires desire for something undescribed around the corner, and as anticipation becomes desperation, the track’s scenery changes into a frantic, math-rock landscape.

Jugular appears to be punishing and voracious from the get-go. Long-toothed, eet-footed and densely-scaled, this hulking and stalking beast of a song isn’t what it seems though. Approaching quickly, it shapeshifts into something groovier and far sexier, turning portly dread into playful dance.

Starting of steady and hopeful, The Substitute gradually wades into deep when the tide starts to turn. Coyly at rst, before the song’s pent-up aggression announces itself with an electronic stutter. It’s ensuing crescendo o ers hard-hitting, oddly- timed catharsis before coming full-circle with its gentler opening motifs, as if to reconcile ATC’s blurring dichotomy.

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Recorded and Engineered by Martin Kong and Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios. 

Mixed by Martin Kong. 
Mastering by James Plotkin. 
Produced by Amateur Takes Control. 

Designed by Djohan Johari for Future War Club. 

(P) and (C) 2017 Amateur Takes Control with license to KittyWu Records. Marketed and Distributed KittyWu Records.